Old maps!

(above) A Topographical Survey of a Portion of Dihlee District Showing the Principle Basins of Drainage and the Positions of the Old Bunds, also the Situations of the Ancient Cities and the objects of Archealogical Interest surveyed by Lieutt. F. J. Burgess 14th Reg NI Assistant Revenue Surveyor in 1849-50.  Topographical Department, War Office, April 15 1866


(below) Punjab Revenue Survey 1876, Published under the direction of Colonel H. L. Thuillier, C.S.I., F.R.S., Surveyor General of India, Surveyor General’s Office, Calcutta, November 1876 prs1876


Many thanks to Dr Layli Uddin


Illustrated London News, 1858, The City of Delhi Before the Siege