Infrastructure background

I’ve been thinking about infrastructure quite a bit for the course I taught last semester.  While designing and then teaching it, I came across lots of great things I hadn’t seen before.  It’s always hard to know what to include and the course will obviously change over time but I was quite happy with some of the resonances across weeks.  I’ll save the list of articles, but here a couple of nice online things.  Brian Larkin has an essay on generators here.  There is a lot to think about in the report from this Sheffield workshop.  Also a new e-journal with short interesting pieces here.  For infrastructure in Pakistan, there is excellent work by Nausheen Anwar, Majed Akhtar, Daanish Mustafa, Navida Khan among many others.  CPEC is a whole reading list by itself.  Thinking about infrastructure, geopolitics, political economy, political geography and water politics while desiging this course and the next, I’ve spent a fair bit of time reading other people’s syllabi.  Derek Gregory, Jamie Peck are among many generous people to have kindly posted their course outlines online.  In that spirit, for what it’s worth, the syllabus for this LUMS infrastructure course is available here and on my teaching page.