Water and Sanitation Roundtable

“The broad and ongoing critique of India’s urban infrastructure tends to focus on problems of governance, regulation and finance. These problems are real and profound. With some exceptions, these urban infrastructure shortcomings are often addressed and compensated by an active and vibrant formal and informal sector that sees business opportunities in essential services…”

Expert Round Table Discussion Focus

“To collectively understand, identify and elaborate how creative and innovative urban water related services (public and private, formal and informal) can be expanded and leveraged through modest and strategic changes in governance, regulation, education, enforcement, finance or management.

1. What small interventions will result in substantial improvements to system efficiency
across varying water collection, purification and distribution mechanisms? (i.e. local and
regional collection, central and localized distribution, management systems, collection and recycling, equitable pricing, monitoring and management using public and private partner collaboration, etc.). This segment will also include considerations of minimizing leakage, reducing per capita consumption and more reliable delivery mechanisms.
2. Are there specific targeted interventions that will improve the safety and quality of
potable and drinking water? (i.e. collection and processing, maintaining quality through
delivery, pollution and contamination control, managing and recycling, shared civic
responsibility, public and private monitoring, reporting and stakeholder involvement, etc.).
3. How can we keep the cost of water accessible across all income brackets? (i.e. pricing,
need based delivery and costing, revenue generation, source and process management,
last-mile delivery, integration of public and private sector capabilities, incentive based
discount mechanisms, etc.).”

Original concept note from International Federation of Housing and Planning, Development Alternatives and Centre for Policy Research:

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Elephant image from http://indianexpress.com/article/cities/delhi/yamuna-pollution-level-reduces-two-water-treatment-plants-resume-full-production/