Hawk vs Mongoose

Mongoose, ferret, ‘land squirrel’ – probably not.  I don’t know what they are but they look like a squirrel that has been ironed (/pressed).  They walk in a line with their babies (like ducks).  This flock had started out for a Sunday afternoon stroll when a giant hawk plopped right down on the ground next to them.  The ‘land squirrels’ were too fast for the hawk – but they got nervous after that.

1. Mmmmm, old roti…


2. What’s that?!


3. Surprise!!!  Mongeese were too fast for hawk, but hawk was too fast for me.  This is a different hawk (or eagle?) but never mind.  Or you can imagine the parrot as a hawk instead…

  P1100673 P1100720

4. Is it safe now?