People, plants, performance…


Great paper responding to criticisms of ANT within geography.  Beautifully explored through work on the relations between plants and their gardeners in north London.

People, plants and performance: On actor network theory and the material pleasures of the private garden
Russell Hitchings

Actor network theory has received considerable attention within geography. In this paper I suggest that geographers have looked at these ideas in a particular way and that this can be productively complemented by an excursion into the contemporary private garden. Through exploring the ways in which people and plants live together there, some geographical criticisms of a defined actor network theory no longer seem to necessarily apply to a more diffuse set of actor network ideas. Furthermore, these ideas can also provide a productive means of engaging practically with the material presence of things, insofar as this materiality is important in the constitution of human cultural experience.

Social & Cultural Geography, Volume 4, Issue 1, 2003, pages 99-114